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Nymphetamine was always in and out of Chamber as he came and went tending to the alliances and other issues that arose. It always seemed that Spring always brought new issues, new friendships, and new life. Sure the green that had already started to take back over Chamber’s pine forest, and Chamber’s Governor couldn’t be more excited. It was common knowledge that he was no fan of winter, so the greenery was more than a welcome sight. However, this time as he went to leave Chamber on yet another errand, there was an extra addition to the greenery. A black mare and another mare that smelled of heat and rain, stood at Chamber’s border. The queen of the Jungle herself bold and alert on the edge of the kingdom, and Nymphetamine could not deny her an audience. His errands would have to wait, he was sure all would be fine in the end.

The necromancer’s blood bay form altered its path as he made his way to the queen. He was sure whatever brought the old enemy to the border would be an interesting. His feet slowed to a halt before the the two mares, stance firm and head high. No one would blame him for being wary of the visitors give the the two kingdoms’ sordid past. It isn’t very often we are visited by the Jungle, let alone her Queen. I’m Nymphetamine, leader of the diplomats, What brings you to Chamber? His voice was conversational, and curious… He would do his best to save his judgement until after they state their purpose. After all the jungle queen was relatively new, and many things had changed since she took the throne.

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